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    Business & Investments Consultant

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    Highly Conultant Legal Advice

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    More than 500 Clients in Egypt

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    Ramadan Internation Law Firm

Ramadan International Law Firm

Ramadan International Law Firm offer a full range of legal consultants, litigation, establishing companies, international business transactions, major contracts, investment agreements, banking, aviation, labor, taxation, tourism, information technology (copyright, software, domain registration and protection in addition to drafting and registering all types of agreements), performing Anti-Piracy Campaigns, litigation and arbitration, maritime commercial, corporate, Insurance, Real Estate. Advising on pre-contract negotiations, obtaining and registering official authorizations and licenses. 

Drafting all types of contracts, including joint venture and partnership agreements, articles of incorporation and statutes, supply, technical assistance, management, employment, sale and lease, license, construction contracts, major industrial agreements, and commercial agency and distribution agreements. In addition to Commercial International Arbitration, International and local contracts, Corporate and Commercial contracts, drafting memoranda of civil, commercial and criminal cases and appearing before Courts of First Instance, Courts of Appeal and Supreme Courts.

Our firm offers all legal and procedural services related to industrial property registration and protection including trademarks, patents and industrial designs, filing and defending against oppositions, performing searches, drafting and registering assignment and licensing agreements, and litigating infringement and unfair competition cases. In addition we provide commercial information including due diligence, fraud and anti-counterfeit investigation and litigation services throughout the Middle East and Africa.

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Delta Sharm resort Office no:118
+20100- 5143-797

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