Corporate counseling  

We provide The Services Regarding To The Establishment Of All Kinds Of Companies, Including, Limited Liability Companies, Shareholding Companies Limited Partnership Companies, Through Each Of The Various Legal Avenues Available For Foreign And Indigenous Investment, And The Registration Of Branch And Representative Offices Of Foreign Companies In Egypt. We Also Offer Services On The Establishment Of Companies In Free Zones

We Offer Clients The Services Required After Establishing Companies, Including Any Amendments Of Information Relevant To The Company Or Partners, Merger And Acquisition, Changes In The Type Of The Company, Capital Increase And Decrease, And Amortization Of Losses. We Handles Services Relevant To The Companies’ Licenses, Such As Registering Commercial Agencies, Obtaining An Importation License, Registering With The Income Tax Department, The Sales Tax Department.

We Provide Services Relating To General Corporate Maintenance And Representation, Such As Providing Consultation To Boards Of Directors And The Preparation Of Minutes Of Shareholder And Director Meetings, Shareholder And Director Actions And Resolutions, Legal Opinions, And Draft Business Contracts And Agreements, Including Partnership Agreements, Distribution And Agency Agreements, Employment Contracts, And Other Contracts. We Offer Legal And Practical Counsel And Advice In All Matters That Arise In The Operation Of A Business Enterprise. Furthermore, We Can Prepare And Draft The Rules And Regulations For The Companies And Provides The Legal Advice & Assistance To The BOD, CEO, Managers, And The HR Dep.